S BRANDs special feature Unmanned autonomous amphibious tactical robots; S BrandS also have handheld computers; Hand-held electronic dictionaries; Personal digital assistants; Electronic organizers. S Brands together with ai wars promote s brands Mobile phones; Wearable activity trackers; Wearable computers; Wearable computer peripherals.

We have special S BRANDS Coffee, tea, chocolate and cocoa.

Our S BRANDS on-line retail store featuring remote control helicopters, drones, quad copters, cars; We have special S BRANDS mail order, and online store services featuring coffees, teas, spices, mugs, cups, and coffee and tea making accessories.

S MOBILE and S.DIGITAL Payment processing services, which provide credit card, debit card, and charge card transaction services; financial transactions via a global computer network. S MOBILE and S.DIGITAL specialized in home banking; banking services over a global computer network much more easy for our customers. S MOBILE provides a searchable on-line database featuring goods and services of others in the field of finances, insurance, banking, and real estate. With S MOBILE, mobile payments and contactless financial transactions with retailers, merchants, and vendors are much safer.


S  means love, affection, to love, to treasure, to pursue good things in Asia and easter Asian countries. Sometimes people even have AIWARS for good things.

AIWARS provides a high technology website that enables users to view AIWARS entertainment in the field of education and entertainment via global computer networks. AIWARS has cutting edge technologies and news shows; AIWARS provides news and trends in the fields of entertainment relating to motion picture films and science fiction books via electric computer networks.


There are no free new hardwares in this entire world but you can get free AIMOBILE, AIWATCH, AIGLASS and even $3M AI HYPER car here.



You pay $800 for an unlocked phone or a two year contract phone. Every two years you may change a new phone, then one year cost you $400. Unlimited data and calling costs you $120 per month - that's $1440 a year. The entire expense for you every year is $1,840.

All together, a four person family pays $7360 for their mobile services.

AiQrPay does this for free.

We have 39 patents issued and 97 pending: you can get a mobile device such as the iPhone for free. You can also not pay your monthly mobile phone bill. These systems and methods will disrupt the mobile device industry; companies such as Apple, payment services such as Paypal and Visa, mobile carriers such as AT&T, banks like Citibank, and even national currency. That's what Aimobilenet.com is all about.

But how does it work?

That's simple. For example, let's say you pay $6000 per month for your groceries, meals, etc. and $72,000 a year. Usually you pay with credit or debit cards, and the card issuer and processing companies charge 3% - that's $2,160

But when you use our methods to pay with our Aimobilepay digital account instead of plastic payment cards, you'll get 3% percent cash back with what you paid.
That's $2,160 cash back and you still have $320 of cash in hand covering a mobile device and yearly mobile phone bills all expenses. The good thing is that you won't lose a penny and you won't spend a penny more.

Or you have another choice, now one Bitcoin equal $19,500(Dec 18, 2017). We own Bitcoin,Crypto currency,Digital currency,QR payments,Bonus coin etc. patents, you can choose AGREE$Coin or AiQrCoin for $5,000(a discount of $14,500,less than BTC) equal the device $ value in coin bonuses.



AIECOL devices integrated with computer software that transmits information from computer network servers, intranet and the Internet to desktop computers, mobile telephones, personal digital assistants, and portable digital communication devices; AIECOL with computer software for the management, deployment and display of data and content on wireless computers, wireless computer peripherals, wireless computer gaming machines, handheld computers, handheld computer peripherals, handheld computer gaming machines, handheld electronic devices, personal digital assistants, electronic organizers, mobile devices, cellular telephones,wrist worn monitors, and interactive electronic displays; computer software for communicating with users of hand-held computers; computer software for organizing and viewing digital images and photographs; AIECOL computer software that provides web-based access to applications and services through a web operating system or portal interface.

Hyper cars are top of the line supercars that are the absolute finest in most, if not all of the elements of a standard supercar. These elements include, but not limited to acceleration, price, rarity, top speed, sound and appearance.

Nowadays a new concept of an "AI HYPER CAR" is appearing. Top speed is 599mph just like a private jet plane, what's more, she can be VTOL from the parking lot of your own home. The term coined to bring other super cars nothing, such as the much appreciated Swedish Koenigsegg One: One under a category as it was too fast for being called with the Swedish manufacturer claiming the beast to have a top speed of around 270mph, that is 6mph more than the current world record holder - Bugatti Veyron 16.4 grand sport vitesse.

We've spent almost 15 years and ton's money...

Flying car,jet flying car, road-able aircraft, personal flying device and AI hyper car, we have 12 patents issued and 23 pending. Currently there are no such things in the market, we'll create these new markets.

Only one big country did a similar one,when you google"F-35 research cost",the results come up as these:

F-35 Total Costs Soar to $1.5 Trillion; Lockheed Defends Program. PENTAGON: Lockheed Martin scrambled today to explain the latest increases in the Joint Strike Fighter's costs, arguing that the three versions of the aircraft “will be comparable to or lower than that of the seven” older airplanes it will replace.Mar 30, 2012

F-35 Total Costs Soar to $1.5 Trillion; Lockheed Defends Program ...


AZVTOL provides A to Z VTOL power to escape from ground,include but not limited to

Automobiles; flying cars; jet engines for land vehicles;electric aircrafts; helicopters; drones; electric automobiles;motors and batteries.AZVTOL serves the community for downloadable software of mobile application for monitoring electric charge status of vehicles and remote control of vehicle.AZVTOL provides downloadable software of vehicle operating system; and robots for personal or hobby use.




 AIGLASS is an interactive virtual reality and augmented reality portable media player system comprised of software and hardware for virtual reality and augmented reality technology; AIGLASS are used in connection with virtual reality and augmented reality technology; AIGLASS are also computers used in connection with virtual reality and augmented reality technology; AIGLASS can be used as smart phones and tablet computers used in connection with virtual reality and augmented reality technology; AIGLASS can be used as wearable computers used in connection with virtual reality and augmented reality device; AIGLASS integrated with virtual reality and augmented reality game software for education, training, gaming and entertainment; virtual reality game software; with external sensors cooperating with virtual reality headsets and handheld virtual reality controllers; AIGLASS can work with ANDROID and IOS operating system for virtual reality software program; computer software for playing virtual reality programs; computer software for compressing and decompressing virtual reality video programs; AIGLASS can download virtual reality video game program over computer global communication networks; AIGLASS's sound effect producer for generating particular sound effects is fast response to the interaction with virtual reality headsets and handheld virtual reality controllers; AIGLASS integrated with motion tracking sensors; AIGLASS can work with head mounts and eye pieces for helmet mounted displays, screens, front facing cameras, photosensors and laser position sensors; AIGLASS's user manuals for all the aforementioned software and devices sold as a unit therewith with AIGLASS multimedia functions.

 AIGLASS including handheld virtual reality controllers; virtual reality and augmented reality game pads and controllers, and other related devices.

Superimposing information onto a field of view is achieved through an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) or embedded wireless glasses with transparent heads-up display (HUD) or augmented reality (AR) overlay that has the capability of reflecting projected digital images as well as allowing the user to see through it or see better with it. While early models, it can perform basic tasks such as just serve as a front-end display for a remote system, as in the case of smartglasses utilizing cellular technology or Wi-Fi, modern smart glasses are effectively wearable computers which can run self-contained mobile apps. Some are hands free that can communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands, while others use touch buttons.

Magic leap got a 1.8 billion investment, yet the company did not solve the problem, nor did they even issue a single product yet, and Oculus sold for 2 billion.

There is nothing in today's market which are AR, VR and MR all in one device. This is another new market. We have 8 patents issued and 9 patents pending.


AI WATCH is not a smartwatch which is an electronic bracelet only. AI WATCH is a standalone computer phone with SIM card slot and also as a high blood monitor device with no artificial intelligence functions,not a wristwatch. While early model smartwatch can perform basic tasks such as calculations, digital time telling, translations and game-playing, 2010s smartwatches are effectively wearable computers. Many run mobile apps using a mobile operating system and Bluetooth connectivity. Some smartwatches function as portable media players with FM radio and playback of digital audio and video files via a Bluetooth or USB headset. Ai WATCH also called 'watch phones' (or vice versa), feature full smartphone capability and have complete functionality of a typical smartphone.






Download Aimobile Free Application



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You'll get your monthly mobile phone bill free when using our patented Aimobile pay. The more you use, the more cash back you get!


You can go through us to open an Aimobile account in any bank, just like when you open a checking account. Also, you can get $250,000 Federal insurance. If you want to get your monthly Aimobile bill free, you need to deposit $100 into your Aimobile account; if you want our AMF high end Aimobile free, you need deposit $999.99 or you need go to an Aimobile free carrier to sign a two year contract to get a free AMF.


Nowadays, even clothing models could soon go the way of AI. Technology created by AIWEAR could assist retailers by producing an adjusting advertisement that lets an observer see an item of clothing in different sizes and on different models. The AIWEAR can also create a model wearing various outfit options, such as different shoes with a specific clothing piece.AIWEAR hardware and computer software  transmits information from computer network servers, intranet and the Internet to desktop computers, mobile telephones, personal digital assistants, and AIWEAR portable digital communication devices could be integrated into clothes; AIWEAR computer software for the management, deployment and display of data and content can be integrated on wireless computers, wireless computer gaming machines, handheld computers, handheld computer peripherals, handheld computer gaming machines, handheld electronic devices, personal digital assistants, mobile devices, cellular telephones, and interactive electronic displays.AIWEAR computer software for communicating can be integrated with users of hand-held computers; telephones that are worn on the wrist; wearable computers.AIWEAR hardware and computer software can be used for recording, sending, receiving, and reviewing text, photo, video, audio, data and multimedia files.

Everyday clothes with medical devices,monitors for human being to measure biometrics, behaviors in humans, steps taken, distance traveled, speed, activity level, hours slept, and biologic functions in humans, heart rate, calories burned; wearable health monitoring devices,calorie monitor on or underneath the clothes look just like normal stuff.

When a person approaches , they can have it display an item they wish to observe from a predetermined list. Prior to seeing it displayed they can also choose the type of model they want to have by choosing the item’s size and the model’s skin tone. None of the models generated by the AI were photographed. They were all created through the technology’s programming.

The AI contains two systems: a generator and a critic. The generator’s programming does all of the hard work by creating the model in the advertisement, such as their clothing, the model’s skin tone, and the clothing they wear. The critic ensures that the generated image is good enough. With a machine learning capability, this program updates the critic by telling it what makes the models displayed a good choice by learning over time what customers appreciated and found useful.


There are various thought leaders who believe that we are experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds; impacting all disciplines, economies and industries and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human. We are certain that healthcare will be the lead industrial area of such a revolution and one of the major catalysts for change is going to be artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is changing healthcare. Dozens of investors have started pouring money into startups using AI to solve complicated healthcare problems.

Editas Medicine market capped at 1 billion,yet has issued no products yet.Theranos got 1.2 billion investment,and 23andme got 1.1 billion investment.

We are focusing point of healthcare (POH) such as saliva testing instead blood testing, Ai protein, and Ai longevity. We have 7 patents issued and 9 pending.


We have multimedia continuing AIWARS and news shows distributed over the internet; AIWARS entertainment in the field of entertainment trivia; AIWARS production and distribution of motion pictures. We provide AIWARS featuring technology which enables users to view audiovisual entertainment in the field of education and entertainment. We provide technology that enables users to view AIWARS visual entertainment in the field of entertainment via global computer networks. AIWARS also cooperates with third parties to provide the same service.